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Nyne Design by Tanya Sen in Telegraph

Out on The telegraph,t2

today, the history and process behind NYNE. Thank you t2 & Urvashi Bhattacharya!

Do give it a read.

Link: https://www.telegraphindia.com/culture/meet-two-musicians-who-have-ventured-beyond-their-professions-and-taken-on-two-offbeat-ventures/cid/1792533 

Interior Designers in Kolkata

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NYNE Design on The telegraph, t2

Minimalist home decor for the maximalist city

Do give it a read.

Link: https://www.telegraphindia.com/my-kolkata/lifestyle/minimalist-home-decor-for-the-maximalist-city/cid/1831760

Interior Designers in Kolkata

A few of our client stories


Mr Debaditya Chaudhary

Director - Chowman, Oudh 1590 & Chapter 2, Keyboardist of the popular Bangla band Lakkhichhara

"I have known Tanya from her college days when she was starting her music career. When I  came to know about her new venture into interior design and styling I knew I could trust her with the project. Tanya helped us design and execute our dream home. She is very hands-on and a perfectionist. Her aesthetics and approach to creating a unique design customized for us helped us bring our dream home to reality. Thanks and I wish all the best to Tanya and her team at NYNE Design”

Complete Residential Turnkey- 1800 sq ft 

Execution Time: 1 year during pandemic

This is by far my most special project handover for clients @meghdutroychowdhury and @paulinelaravoire. From the day when we had our first meeting where we saw the site was just a bare shell with not even stairs to finally making it a home, it’s been a spectacular journey.


Creatively they really let me explore and experiment with various textures and patterns and most importantly not even once did they prevent us from implementing our ideas, thus enabling a warm and invigorating environment for our team. The pandemic made things unpredictable and slowed us down, but they trusted us and waited patiently through the process. So grateful to have such genuine people as clients, who I now call friends:)

Here’s a walkthrough of the living and dining area. We wanted to create an open plan living space keeping everything bright, light and airy. Its so important to create a home that reflects who you are and how you want to feel when you live in it.


Pauline Laravoire

Building communities towards Sustainability | Y-East | Youth for Sustainability India Alliance | Learning Planet by CRI

Meghdut RoyChowdhury

Chief Innovation Officer at Techno India Group | Make Calcutta Relevant Again | Rebuilding Bengal | Lifelong Un-learner | Social Changemaker

Execution Time: 3.5 months

Nyne X Yoseba


Project : Retail Studio.


Introducing our latest work YOSEBA for Yugamini Raj.

We approach each project with deep love for artistry and this year we got this amazing opportunity to explore and design this space for them. Yoseba a luxury menswear studio which features a highly curated mix of men’s designer wear, shoes and accessories. We had around 2000sq ft spread across 2 floors of retail space to work with. Dressed in cream and gold, textured surfaces, classic wall claddings with bespoke lighting. We created a dreamy space both inside and out with an ambience which exudes calmness.


Open now!

📍14, Ram Mohon Dutta Rd, Sreepally, Bhowanipore.

#nynebytanyasenInterior Designer in Kolkata

All furniture & designs © NYNE.

Residential Living and Dining - Turnkey - 1800 sq ft 

Execution Time: 1 year during pandemic

Another completed project. Clients wanted something classic, elegant and timeless. All furnitures are handcrafted in rich mahogany against soft beige walls. An interplay of colours, textures and patterns combined to produce a display of subtle elegance.
A cosy comfortable home while being a sophisticated gathering place.


All furniture & designs © NYNE.

En Suites - Turnkey - 1100 sq ft 

Execution Time: 1 year during pandemic

As soon as you enter a room, you can see and feel the impact of masculine and feminine energy. In this project it was all about balancing the both.
Feminine spaces are more flowing, organic in design with soft curves and a more neutral palette. In contrast a masculine space is defined by architectural elements such as simple lines, rectilinear design, dark colours and wooden flat boards etc.
The ultimate goal was to find a happy middle ground marrying together both the style elements to give this home an eclectic appeal that reflects both the personalities of the couple.


All furniture & designs © NYNE.

En suites - Turnkey - 1100 sq ft 

Execution Time: 1 year during pandemic

A tranquil retreat is what a bedroom should represent. A restful place to recharge your your energy and self actualise your true potential. 


All furniture & designs © NYNE.

Garden Villa  Renovation - 1200 sq ft 

Execution Time: 3.5 months

A farmhouse-style villa conceptualised, designed and executed by NYNE.

The inspiration for this home stemmed from the client’s desire to entertain their family and friends. We wanted to create a classic and elegant home, that is fabulously vintage with all the needs of a modern home. The result was a culmination of a deep understanding of their traditional roots and urban living.





All furniture & designs © NYNE.

Execution Time: 1 month

A bathroom remodel of a project in south Kolkata. We took the old bathroom down to the studs replacing everything. Our client’s brief was a tranquil yet eclectic bathroom. So we wanted to give them a spa-like feel with a custom-made green vanity with black, white and soft grey Moroccan tiles, paired with a bold cladding with different shades of green. We had so much fun giving this home a facelift. 

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Interior Designer in Kolkata

www.nyne.co.in ©️nynedesign

Complete Home Renovation - 1100 sq ft - 2 BHK

Execution Time: 3.5 months

Before & After - Project Apartment Renovation

Conceptualised, Designed & Executed by NYNE. This is a customised plan for a family of 3.

Size - 2 BHK, 1100 sq ft.

Execution time - 3 months

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Home Renovation - 750 sq ft

Execution Time: 1.5 months

This was a transformation project for a wonderful young couple Dolly Ghosh & Prajata Chakrabutty. They live in a beautiful old house and wanted me to design it without losing the essence of an old Calcutta house. They didn’t want any structural changes to the house(floor or walls). So our mission was to design a cosy home for them keeping all the old world charm of their gorgeous house and adding a bit of a modern touch. This is a perfect example of blending the old with the new. Conceptualised, Designed & Executed by ©NYNE

#housetohomewithnyne #nynebytanyasen#interiortransformation#beforeandafter#interiorstyling#interiordesign


Customised Coffee Counter

Execution Time: 1 month

A customised coffee counter designed for Hirak & Ria’s home.
This coffee bar is just such a beautiful and practical extra in a living room. All coffee and tea needs at one place with no need to go to the kitchen. Made of pine and teak, it comes with inbuilt lighting and socket.
Conceptualised, Designed & Executed by ©NYNE

#housetohome #housetohomewithnyne
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I have always liked men with habits...I always wanted to experience the taste of a magical espresso shot in the comfort of my home...Where I come from, this is luxury...THANK YOU GOD FOR EVERYTHING YOU HAVE GIVEN ME TODAY...And a bunch of thank yous to those lovely people who made it happen..

Hirok Ganguli

There are some people who you know will have a great sense of style and aesthetics in anything they venture into.Tanya is one such person.So the day she officially announced the launch of NYNE I immediately contacted her..And she lived up to our expectations and more! I dare say that the ambience she has created at our place can match up to any plush yet cozy joint.I highly recommend NYNE because it's Tanya's.Her sense of aesthetics and style have a personality of their own..Yet she adapts to the needs of the client too.Of course there were times when she was gently firm with us about an idea that she was convinced about.But she will style your home like it's hers.That's what makes NYNE different from the many interior design studios all around..NYNE is definitely going to make a huge name..so do go out and book them to make your home even better, warmer and your favourite place in the world.Thank you Tanya! Wishing NYNE all the success in the world.

Dolly Ghosh & Prajata Chakrabutty


Dining room 1

Luxury lifestyle at it’s finest with this modern victorian design. Soothing neutral tones with the most delicious grey walls. Bright, classic & refreshing.


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Untitled Design 3.JPG

If you have extra space in your room I’d always recommend an armchair or even better a swing. It’s a fabulous way to add luxe to your room, also making it a chill spot. Any extra seating in the bedrooms is very practical too.
©️nyne design

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