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Our mission at NYNE is to surprise and delight our customers with unexpected and distinctive pieces for their homes. Each piece here has been uniquely handpainted by our head designer Tanya Sen, drawing inspiration from nature and her daily life. The organic shapes, colours and finish make for a lovely bohemian look. Have fun with styling your walls with our introductory line of ceramic wall plates. All items are carefully packaged and available for shipping all over India.




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by Tanya Sen                                                                              ©️nynedesign

It’s not easy to set up a room up to its full potential. Shifting and moving the furniture around without a plan works great, but sometimes it doesn’t turn out the way you expected it would. This happens when one doesn’t understand how to design the perfect harmony and balance in a space.
But you don’t have to worry, NYNE Designs (, an exclusive interior designer firm in Kolkata are here to guide you. Start paying attention to the size, weight, and shape of the objects. Maybe look at how the symmetry works and how all these elements work together in space to create the perfect balance.
Symmetry plays a great role when it comes to creating balance in a space. A human brain is attracted to symmetry. We prefer to spend time in an environment that’s organized and free of clutter and chaos. Furthermore, the symmetrical design or distribution of symmetry depends on the space of the room. The colours, textures used, can impact the settings of the room.
As a starting point, we can use the built-in focal points in the room i.e. exposed brick walls, fireplaces, bay windows, etc. They can help a great deal to initiate a balanced interior design. Understanding the lines of symmetry of your focal point is a great way to work with these elements. For example, you can place your essential pieces along those lines, this in return will create asymmetrical design.
Once the furniture pieces are placed right, it all comes down to the decor items. The decor can be as important as the furniture when it comes to maintaining a balance in interior design. Sometimes a lot of keepsakes can easily overwhelm the viewer’s eye. Large decor fits well in big rooms. Keeping the proportions right is the key while not overcrowding the space.
Maintaining balance in interior design might seem hard but it is essential. We hope that our guide helps you achieve a balanced and harmonious design.

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